About The Group

     The Craig Snyder Group is a collective force of four musicians with a mutual love of the art and emotive soul of music. A performance of the CSG is not a "chops showcase" where the audience is alienated from the music being played but rather drawn toward and fully immersed into the total experience. Craig S Snyder is a well-known guitarist, teacher, composer, and clinician in the Rochester, New York region. Craig has secured endorsements with Peavey Electronics, Kahler vibrato systems, Curt Mangan Strings, Spectraflex Cables, and Xotic pedals. Steve Copeland has played keyboard with Craig for many years; the interplay between these two players is at a cerebral level of communication. Drummer and NYU graduate Aaron Hughes provides the spark and groove behind the drums. Aaron's mastery of many genres of music is apparent as each song is rhythmically punctuated and colored. Bassist Peter Chwazik performs all over the upstate New York area and has played or toured with Trey Anastasio, New York Voices, and a long list of top name musicians. It is the goal of the Craig Snyder Group to engage the listener for an enjoyable musical experience with a truly professional approach.     

Stratus-Rochester Fringe Fest-2013. A bit dark but good audio quality.

November Rain-original tune-Geneva Music & Wine Festival 2012.