The Craig Snyder Group plays a wide variety of jazz-rock material that is steeped in groove, ensemble unity, and melodic soloing. The band is fronted by veteran guitarist, teacher, and composer Craig S Snyder, a well-known player in the Rochester, New York region. From inspired original tunes to challenging pieces by Miles Davis, Holdsworth, Pat Metheny and many more, this group is focused on creating a truly enjoyable musical experience.
"Myriad guitar styles crossing several genres rolled into one exciting musical experience"  


Craig Snyder Group

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Pane Vino On the Avenue, 3400 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618

The Trio performs at this 5 star restaurant in the heart of Rochester, New York. There is a comprehensive menu of fine foods and also all types of beverages available to enjoy while listening to smooth jazz music. Please call 585-586-7000 if you desire a reservation.

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